Terms & Conditions

By accepting the following Terms and Conditions you can make use of our website, services and advertising programs. Kindly read the below terms and conditions carefully and make sure that you understand them. Users should be up to date with the latest Makemoneytrick terms and conditions before using its services and company will be responsible for the fault in this notice by the users of this website and its advertising programs.

Terms of Makemoneytrick

You should agree all the terms and conditions mentioned in this membership agreement. Makemoneytrick can make modifications to this membership agreement without any previous information. When there will a be a policy change we will make sure that we reach our members and update them about the policy.

All the users can end their account at any point of time even if the current terms and conditions or future updates of terms and conditions are not agreeable to them. If you wanna continue to use the service, you should say ok to the updates made to the policy.

You review the policy regularly to keep yourself up to date with the latest terms and conditions.

Who are eligible?

Users above 18 years of age can be participate in Makemoneytrick programs. All the international members except in the areas where the governing laws prohibit can participate in Makemoneytrick programs.

All the employees and agents working with Makemoneytrick, or anyone's family members who are working with Makemoneytrick are not eligible to participate in Makemoneytrick programs.

Responsibilities of users

When you choose to use our program, you should only use your own name, email address and correct contact information. You should not use a false identity.

Users should not maintain multiple accounts.

Only one from the entire household is permitted. Two people from are not accessible, the system tracks with the IP.

You need to keep your username and password secretly.

You can change your password in regular time intervals to ensure better online security and account integrity.

You can end your user account for reasons for free in Makemoneytrick.

Deactivating accounts

Account which are not opened for more than 90 days will be deactivated. When an account is stamped inactive, the funds will be closed and balance will be null. The closed balance will not be credited back on the reopening. This is applicable for any referrals the user may have in his account. There will be also loss on the closing of account

Membership options

Makemoneytrick provides various membership options for the users, who are bored with basic features and looking for more than basic features. Users can opt membership according to their choice. All the membership fees are charged and non refundable.

Misuse of Account

Users should not sell or rent their account. Account which are suspected of such activities will be terminated and the access will be restricted.

Become a member with Makemoneytrick

You are not given partnership, franchise, employment, relationship, with Makemoneytrick. You do not have any authority to represent the Makemoneytrick but you can make any offer on behalf of Makemoneytrick.

You will be completely responsible for meeting your own tax requirements.